What to think about when choosing a bassinet?!

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by Amy
February 27, 2020

Picking a bassinet for your baby is a very exciting step in preparation for your little ones arrival -

However it can quickly become overwhelming with all the different options available, so we have put together a list to help you make a confident decision when purchasing your babies first bed!

What To Think About When Choosing A Bassinet?

Safety standards

Check that your bassinet meets Safety standards applicable to your country of residence and ensure that whilst your baby is using the bassinet they don’t exceed the specified weight limits

Breathable zones

We recommend bassinets and bedside sleepers made with suitable 100% cotton materials on all four sides to eliminate suffocation risks and provide enough ventilation for your baby.


Choose a bassinet with a sturdy frame and a stable base. Check any folding mechanisms. If the legs or frame of the bassinet collapse for storage or portability, make sure that they lock securely into place when set up. Periodic checks of hardware to ensure all screws and bolts are secure.


The bassinet should be deep enough to stop your baby from being able to roll or fall out. Your baby needs to be moved from bassinet to Cot as soon as they have outgrown the bassinet or are rolling over – whichever comes first.


Make sure that the mattress fits snugly around all sides. Check that there is no gap between the edge of the mattress and the side of the bassinet.


Make sure there are no areas where your baby could trap their limbs, head or fingers. Check that there's nothing pointy or sticking out that could hit your baby's head or snag on their clothing.


Young babies are notoriously leaky, from both ends! So, look for a bassinet that's easy to clean; preferably one with removable fabric.


Do you plan on moving the bassinet about the house? If so, look for something that is easy to move, fits through door frames and is not too heavy. Does it fold/pack down well for storage? Is another question to consider.

"Our little boy arrived in January and I love putting him in there to sleep. It feels so secure and cosy for him. We absolutely love it and couldn't be happier with it"



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