Benefits of using a bassinet

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by Amy
August 23, 2021

Benefits of using a bassinet for your newborn.

Security, safety and practicality

Typically, bassinets aren't a part of your baby's nursery room. Bassinets are designed to go next to your bed and/or in your living area. They are a designated space for you to keep your baby close and safe while they are still very young.

- A bassinet creates a smaller more secure sleeping space for your newborn baby, making the move from a safe and snug womb into the big wide world a lot more comforting for them. A bassinet size sleeping area gives them time to adjust until they are ready for a bigger space like a cot.

- Bassinets are generally light and small in size and easily portable making them convenient for room sharing and moving around the house. You can have your bassinet right next to your bed during the night and move it around the house during the day so your baby can always be near while sleeping.

- Bassinets are ideal in the first months for keeping your baby close to you and easily accessible for overnight feeding. Some bassinets, such as our Gentle Motions Bassinet, can rock meaning a simple and gentle push of the base of the bassinet will set the rocking in motion as an aid to help soothe your baby back to sleep.

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